The 5 People You Will Meet on Facebook and Why I Left

Bye Felicia!

Why did I leave Facebook? Who cares. I know. But I thought I would try and write this out more as a self-help therapy than anything else. The idea of leaving Facebook has been percolating in my brain for well over a year. The seed of this thought came to me when watching the TEDx talk by Dr. Cal Newport, but it has taken me a while to follow through with the idea and even longer to formulate my thoughts on WHY I left. Read more

Left Brain, meet Right Brain

Hack's Brain

Well, hello there! Welcome to my photo journal, yadda, yadda, yadda. No, but seriously, thanks for stopping by. So, in my “day-job” I’m a network engineer, and while I do apply a lot of creativity to my work life, I tend to focus on a lot of left brained activities, so I am using this little photo journal to showcase some of my more creative endeavors and work. Read more