Troubleshooting Tricks for Orbi Networks

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I love a good troubleshooting challenge. But damn, this one had me stumped until I could pull back the covers of my Orbi system to discover the root cause.


I have a vmWare ESXi hypervisor in my home lab. The ESXi system is trunked up to a Ubiquiti router that is handling inter-vlan routing and has my Orbi base station set as the default gateway. Read more

Installing GNS3-Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

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So, I attempted to use the apt-get binaries to install gns3-server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver). The issue I ran into is that the package is linked to a specific version of python3. The installation was linked to the python3 version 3.5 libraries as evidenced by the output:

cp: cannot stat '/usr/bin/python3.5': No such file or directory

Read more

GNS3 – Slow Connection to Cloud [SOLVED]

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So, in connecting my virtual gns3 network to my local, physical lan, I found the connection speeds to be abysmal. Host to host speeds within the virtual network were good but communicating from a virtual host to a physical host had speeds around 10kbps.

Some poking around on Google revealed that this is a common problem. I was able to solve this by following the advice in this article. Read more

Python SlackClient with Proxy Server Support

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While writing my first Slack bot using some of the tutorials found here, I ran into a big problem. My bot will live in a locked-down environment where the only outbound access is through a proxy server.

I had to do quite a bit of searching through the source code, because, for whatever reason, I could not find how to use a proxy server with the slackclient python library in the documentation or in any simple google searches. So, I am writing this entry in hopes to save someone else the headache of having to track down the nuances of proxy usage in the urllib3 and the websocket libraries. Read more