Sextortion – Blackmail and You

Sextortion – Blackmail and You

One of my favorite malware scanners, MalwareBytes has published a really good article on “Sextortion and You”.

TLDR; If you get an email claiming they have xxx pics of you via your webcam or other media, they probably don’t. They may send you photos that you have made publicly available on Facebook or some other social media. They may also have some confidential information on you like an old password. More than likely some service you have used in the past was compromised and old data is available on the dark web.

Don’t fall for the blackmail scam!

FAA Certified Drone Pilot!

FAA Certified Drone Pilot!

Woodlawn Lake, San Antonio Texas by Aaron Hackney

Getting my FAA Part 107 certification (commonly called a “drone license” Ya, it’s not a license…) so that I can shoot video and stills and have my images and footage used commercially has been something on my radar for quite sometime! The requirements for becoming a pilot are listed here on the FAA website and can be a little daunting if you have never taken a federal certification exam. Read more

Troubleshooting Tricks for Orbi Networks

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I love a good troubleshooting challenge. But damn, this one had me stumped until I could pull back the covers of my Orbi system to discover the root cause.


I have a vmWare ESXi hypervisor in my home lab. The ESXi system is trunked up to a Ubiquiti router that is handling inter-vlan routing and has my Orbi base station set as the default gateway. Read more

Firepower FlexConfig – A Practical Example

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Managing Your Firepower Appliance

If you are running a Firepower NGFW appliance from Cisco, you have two options to manage the device:

  • Firepower Device Manager (FDM) – An on-box GUI and set of APIs to directly control a Firepower appliance.
  • Firepower Management Center (FMC) – A management station used to control a collection of Firepower appliances and collect, correlate, and report on events generated by the Firepower appliance.

(At least today) These two options to manage your Firepower appliance are mutually exclusive; you can use one or the other. This article is focused on using the FlexConfig feature in FDM. Read more