Troubleshooting Tricks for Orbi Networks

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I love a good troubleshooting challenge. But damn, this one had me stumped until I could pull back the covers of my Orbi system to discover the root cause.


I have a vmWare ESXi hypervisor in my home lab. The ESXi system is trunked up to a Ubiquiti router that is handling inter-vlan routing and has my Orbi base station set as the default gateway. Read more

Firepower FlexConfig – A Practical Example

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Managing Your Firepower Appliance

If you are running a Firepower NGFW appliance from Cisco, you have two options to manage the device:

  • Firepower Device Manager (FDM) – An on-box GUI and set of APIs to directly control a Firepower appliance.
  • Firepower Management Center (FMC) – A management station used to control a collection of Firepower appliances and collect, correlate, and report on events generated by the Firepower appliance.

(At least today) These two options to manage your Firepower appliance are mutually exclusive; you can use one or the other. This article is focused on using the FlexConfig feature in FDM. Read more

The 5 People You Will Meet on Facebook and Why I Left

Bye Felicia!

Why did I leave Facebook? Who cares. I know. But I thought I would try and write this out more as a self-help therapy than anything else. The idea of leaving Facebook has been percolating in my brain for well over a year. The seed of this thought came to me when watching the TEDx talk by Dr. Cal Newport, but it has taken me a while to follow through with the idea and even longer to formulate my thoughts on WHY I left. Read more