The Story of Scooter Houdini Hackney

Scooter is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. He has an expressive face and a gigantic personality to match. Scooter adopted me at the San Antonio Humane Society on Fredericksburg Road here in San Antonio on 11/25/2013. 

He was malnourished from living on the streets, had a touch of mange on his ears, and we were guessing his age at 6 months old. This was my 3rd trip to the shelter because I was looking for the perfect little pup in which to give a forever home. As soon as I walked in the door, we saw each other and it was all over. Scooter and I got together in the doggie play room and he had no interest in the toys and things they had brought in for him. He wanted one thing and that was to be held in my lap. It was love at first sight šŸ™‚

I didn’t like his shelter name “Pinto” and something just told me that his name was Scooter. I had no previous thought on that name, it just happened right there at the shelter. Anyway, that’s the story of Scooter. He has now put on weight and is a healthy little guy who bosses my 15 year old old beagle around and rules the neighborhood with an iron paw.

He may be just a TAD bit spoiled.

Please remember to donate and support your local humane society and no kill shelters!

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