National Day of Catalonia

As of today, Friday September 19th, Scotland has voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom. That’s a pretty big deal. I was recently in Barcelona, Spain, where the same cry for independence is going up today.

In fact, I found myself in Barcelona on a very special day, 9/11. Now this day is special in Barcelona for a very different reason than the terrible events of 9/11/01. Since 1886, 9/11 has been the National Day of Catalonia.

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We arrived in Barcelona and had a front seat view to some of the parades and festivities celebrating the national heritage of this area of Spain. You see, just like Scotland, Catalonia is asking for it’s independence from Spain to become it’s own country.

Now, I’m not sure how the average Scot felt about this, but if the mood of this day in Barcelona is anything like how the electorate will vote, we could be looking at an independent Catalonia in the near future.

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