Left Brain, meet Right Brain

Well, hello there! Welcome to my photo journal, yadda, yadda, yadda. No, but seriously, thanks for stopping by. So, in my “day-job” I’m a network engineer, and while I do apply a lot of creativity to my work life, I tend to focus on a lot of left brained activities, so I am using this little photo journal to showcase some of my more creative endeavors and work.

I went through a fantastic photo curriculum at San Antonio College here in San Antonio. I was fortunate to have taken the course when Photo I and Photo II were still taught with black & white film.

One of my first B&W Film Prints

I was very fortunate in that respect. I learned how to process film, create prints,  and an in depth understanding of how exposure effects that process. But that is back on the left brain side of things. More importantly, I nourished the right side of my brain with the more creative aspects of photography through study, projects, and experimentation thanks to some fantastically talented instructors.

So, I am using this medium to express some of my more creative thoughts, images, and videos through visual storytelling. Hopefully something here will bring a smile to your face.


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